Marlies Schoenefeld


Marlies is a naturalist, and paints plein air landscapes in acrylic and pastel. For the last 15 years she has taught introductory water colour to visitors in Killarney Provincial Park.

From Marlies:

“I am an old timer and have very old ties to Wolf Lake. Back to Lands for Life!!!!

My love of the outdoors and the natural world has inspired me to try and distill the essence of the northern landscape.

My passion is to use this intimate knowledge of the woods, waters and rocks to simplify the complexity of colour and shape to the absolute essentials.

Details must be purged to enable the viewer to feel the scene and become a part of it.”

Contact Marlies:

Marlies Schoenefeld
Frogpond Studio
945 Leedale Ave.
Sudbury, Ont. P36 1B9