Paul Chivers


Paul Chivers has canoed and photographed throughout the Temagami region for more than 25 years. The photojournalist and photography instructor nurtures a passion for ‘lost’ and off the beaten track canoe routes. His extensive research shows that more than 10,000 km of documented canoe routes and undetermined distances of undocumented routes lie within 100 miles of his North Bay home. The preeminent canoeing destinations of Temagami, Algonquin and Kipawa lie within that circle, along with countless rivers, creeks and lake routes.

In addition to a wide variety of assignments for the North Bay Nugget during his 28-year photography career, Paul’s photojournalism work has been published in most major newspapers throughout Canada and many in the United States. His nature and outdoor photography has been used by conservation groups and published in numerous magazines, books, and other publications. Freelance work has been published in many trade magazines, brochures, posters, and other promotional materials. Paul has received many awards for both photojournalism and nature photography.

Paul formed the Restore the Link committee in 1994 to raise awareness about he long-forgotten La Vase Portages, part of the original cross-Canada fur trade canoe route between Montreal and Thunder Bay that passes through North Bay. Fundraising efforts culminated in the purchase of the current La Vase Portages Conservation Area which the committee donated to the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority. The route has since received Canadian Heritage River status, but still faces challenges now being monitored and negotiated by the Friends of La Vase Portages.

Paul first visited Wolf Lake in 1988, a year before the Macelcan Road opened the lake to vehicular traffic, and has been enchanted ever since.

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