Don Wright

don at grandfather rock

My name is Don Wright and I live in Sturgeon Falls, on at the doorstep of some small, yet significant Old Growth Stands.

My doodle art is Vibrational Art and is influenced by Nature around me and Spirit within me. Viewing my art, one should feel moved by the virtues of Love, Joy and Peace. My art compels you to dream, imagine and explore your relationship with Spirit, Self and Creation. I want my art to bring you healing, peace and assurance that all is well. I want my art to unite you with your surroundings and provide you with understanding that All is One.

My art begins as a simple pen and paper doodle. I then scan the art and digitally invert the image. White becomes black and black becomes white.

I have created a series of 8 digital doodles for pARTners for Wolf Lake, honouring Wolf Lake and the Old Growth Experience. These are open addition, signed prints in an 8×10 frame.

More examples of my art can be found at

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