Mark Nadjiwan


Although Mark Nadjiwan is an artist of mixed ancestry, his subject matter and style are clearly the products of his Aboriginal heritage. He is a self-taught artist who works primarily in pen and ink. While he describes his unique style as primarily a “fusion” of the Woodland and Northwest Coast Native art traditions, other traditional and contemporary styles also influence his pieces. In his work, one can often see the Woodland’s characteristic x-ray and wavy line motifs interwoven with the clean formlines and geometry that often typify Northwest Coast art. Mark’s work can be found in galleries and venues across Canada as well as private collections. His First Nation roots are grounded in the Lake Superior and Georgian Bay regions. He continues to live in Northern Ontario with his artist wife, Patricia Gray, who works in various acrylic mediums and porcelain.

From Mark:

“Although I have a deep and abiding affinity for what my Anishinabek ancestors called ‘keewaydinung’ – land of the northwest wind — my experiences of our vast and wild regions are, ultimately, trans-cultural in nature. Whenever I travel into those ancient and sacred spaces, path underfoot or paddle in hand, it is my ‘internal’ experiences of being there that I later try to ‘externalize’ in my drawings. I choose to do this in a style that is largely derived from the artistic traditions of Aboriginal people as they are the ones whose lives have been most intertwined with the natural world and whose images and stories most resonate with me. But the messages that I try to incorporate and communicate in much of my work such as connection, interdependence and unity, are universal.”


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