Viki Mather


Viki Mather has lived in the Wolf Lake area for the past 3 decades. Her first canoe trip through the Chiniguchi system was in 1982. It was easy to fall in love with the wildness of Wolf Lake as seen from the canoe.

She became an advocate for protecting the land, forest and waters of the Wolf Lake area shortly after the first logging road approached in 1988. Working with the Sudbury Naturalists and the Ministry of Natural Resources over the years, the first interim protection of this old growth forest was established in 1995.

Viki began her pottery studies in the late 70’s, taking a great interest creating bowls. Clay is a wonderful material to work with, both on the wheel and through hand-building techniques. She brings her love of the land of red pine together with her love of creating bowls to participate in the pARTners for Wolf Lake project.

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